Language Warriors

The Circle of Indigenous Languages would not be possible without the incredible support and dedication of its Language Warriors.

Language Warriors are those individuals and groups who fight for the revitalization of Indigenous languages of Canada. Through their generous contributions, the sharing of skills, time, and talent, and through their dauntless determination, they help to defend our cultural history and protect the future of our languages. We are indebted to them, and offer our most heartfelt thanks.

Canadian Heritage

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada, the Saskatchewan Indigenous Culture Centre and SaskCulture.

Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada, le Saskatchewan Indigenous Culture Centre et SaskCulture.

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NIB Trust

The National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund provides financial support for education programs aimed at healing, reconciliation, and knowledge building. NIB Trust selects its First Nation and Métis recipients through a competitive process and allocates funding in accordance with the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement of 2007.

With the help of NIB Trust, we were able to design and build the first model of our site, designed initially for the Cree and Nahkawé languages. We were also able to digitize and categorize hundreds of hours of reel-to-reel, video and cassette tapes.


The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is a not-for-profit organization that manages the .CA internet domain on behalf of all Canadians. CIRA creates and provides multiple programs, products, and services to help build a better online Canada.

Through its Community Investment Program, CIRA has provided $5.45 million in funding for 130 projects across Canada since 2014. Funding from this program allowed the Circle of Indigenous Languages to expand its initial scope to include all 7 Indigenous languages of Saskatchewan.

Contributing Artists

The Beginning of Language

Original artwork by Gloria Lee

Video discussion featuring Ted Whitecalf and Elder Mary Lee

Circle of Indigenous Languages

Video featuring Wildhorse Drum and Dance Group: Blake Chief, Henry Jr. (Boss) Gardipy, Mark Longjohn, John Noon, Truman Chief

Bob Badger – Hide painting, original artwork

Jaime Morse – Beadwork and painting, “Stories” page and categories

Cole Burston – Site photography

Families and Communities

Finally, we wish to thank those Indigenous families, nations, communities, and individuals who continue to share with us their own recordings so that we can add them to our digital database. These recordings serve as invaluable tools for revitalization by allowing contemporary and future generations to hear the voices of their recent past, and to learn the stories of their elders and ancestors, stories which might otherwise be lost. Your contributions are at the heart of this initiative, and without them we would not be able to build and grow the Circle of Indigenous Languages.